It is Magnifique to have you with us.
We are going to turn back time by taking you forward. To seize moments by stopping time.
Located in the heart of Monaco, our beauty institute specializes in the finest anti-aging and cosmetic treatments. Our seasoned professionals use the most advanced technologies and products to provide an extraordinary experience that includes a uniquely personal service in intimate surroundings.

About us at Richmont Monaco, one of our treatment cabins

The Richmont Method

Our groundbreaking approach includes treatments using state-of-the-art equipment combined with breakthrough therapeutic cosmetics while using luxurious active ingredients.
We rely on years of research and hands-on experience of doctors and biologists to create the ideal treatment protocols and monitor each client’s progress.
In addition, keeping up with all the trends in the beauty and anti-aging world is a front-line interest in providing the most prestigious and uncompromising experience.

Acne Treatment Break Out at Richmont Monaco with Red LED light infrared light
Facial Treatment with Microcurrent done on a man

We Make things possible, therefore we materialize. Beliefs. Realities. Lives.

Facial Treatment with Bionic Hands Microcurrent at Richmont Monaco
Woman having a facial treatment with a facial mask at Richmont Monaco
Facial Treatment and Body Treaments at Richmont Monaco EMS Sculpt

We feel, therefore, we understand. Desires. Fantasies. You.

We reduce the gap between beauty & high end technology

Our technologies will not only change your skin; they will change your well-being.
We use non-invasive treatments safely without the need for a long recovery. Imperfections such as wrinkles, pigmentation, cellulite, blemishes, and more become a thing of the past, while our technologies are simply a thing of the future.

Our Experts

Meet our skin experts. They understand your desires and dreams. They feel your passion and wishes. They see above and beyond. They see you.

Besides providing the best skincare, our skin therapist will give you tailored guidance with the recommendations and the knowledge you need to continue and create your endless beauty lifestyle. How beautiful is that?


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